In this long route, that lasts about one hour, we’ll start at the city’s centre, and from there to inside the castle, discover one the finest examples the portuguese wall tiles from the 18th century, in the Misericordia Church, and from there to meet the old Corte Real manor, place of excavations. The main points of interest inside the castle follows like the two parochial churches. After leaving the castle perimeter, we are going to walk to the oldest Tavira monastery, devoted to Saint Francis, with its garden with old coat of arms, along with noble house tombs. From there, the route will follow roughly the limits of the old King’s Farm (or Horta d’El Rey, in Portuguese) that was a farm inside the city without any kind of buildings up to only 50 years ago. The city developed to south and southwest around these limits, with the old hospital, the military headquarters and churches being built around these borders. The oldest relation of the city with the river will be discussed when we reach the riverside, with the market, garden and roman bridge, returning to the starting place, the city centre at Praça da República.

Route 2 – “Around the King’s Farm”
  1. Praça da República
  2. Porta do Castelo
  3. Igreja da Misericórdia
  4. Solar dos Corte-Real (Estação Arqueológica)
  5. Jardim do Castelo
  6. Igreja de Santa Maria
  7. Convento da Graça
  8. Igreja de Santiago
  9. Porta do Postigo
  10. Convento de São Francisco
  11. Jardim da Cerca do Convento
  12. Quartel Militar
  13. Travessa das Cunhas
  14. Igreja das Ondas
  15. Janela Renascentista da Rua D. Brites
  16. Jardim do Coreto
  17. Ponte Romana